Free 3D Vtuber Assets by Gomi_tan

This is a collection of free-to-use assets. I made these assets with 3D Vtubers who use VRM and VSFAvatar format models in mind, but feel free to use them for other purposes (eg. VRChat Avatar creation, game development).

The collection includes props and other items for use with Suvidriel's Vnyan app, FBX/GLB models of vtuber props, VRM models, textures for use with MToon and other shaders, and more.

Conditions of Use

Blank White Body Pillow (Dakimakura) Vtuber Model

! Credit Required !

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This is a VRM format Vtuber model of a blank white body pillow (dakimakura). This model has some motion tracking, and will respond to the movement of your shoulders and head. You can customise this model in Unity. Use Unity 2019.4.31f1 and UniVRM 0.89.

Matcap Textures

Textures for use with the MToon Shader, for editing models in Unity with the use of UniVRM. Use them in 'MatCap' field of the MToon shader to add shine to materials. Right Click and 'Save As' to download.

Glassy Shine matcap. Glass, Slimes. Try it with semi-transparent materials.
High Shine matcap. Very smooth plastic, balloons.
Simple Shine. Single spot of shine, cartoony effect.