This is a mostly complete record of all of the games I've played on stream. Check me out on Twitch if you got here by some other route, but like, how???

Games marked with '✨' are free! Games marked with 💸 cost money, or are demons of paid games.

Games marked with '🎮' were on the XBOX Game Pass when I streamed them, and may or may not still be there.

Games marked with '💗' are from Itch.Io Charity Bundles. You can browse them easily here.

Games marked with '💾' were released before 2001, or are remasters of a pre-2001 game.

Some of these games are very short or are shitposts. I am including them anyway because shitposts and small games are fun!

Links to paid games included and excluded arbitrarily, I am not recommending any purchases nor are there any affiliate links. All free games will have links if they're still available.

Now Playing

💸 Caves of Qud

💸 West of Loathing

💸 💾 Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress


💸 Hylics

💸 💾 Betrayal at Krondor (1993). BaK is a classic story-driven RPG set in Raymond E. Feist's Midkemia universe.

💸 💾 Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness

💸 💾 Duke Nukem I This is the only place I found to legally buy DN I and II. I am not affiliated with Zoom Platform, and I don't get money if you pay them.

💗 💸 Minit

💗 💸 Please

💗 💸 Please Follow

Please Don't Litter A short horror title about garbage. Unrelated to the other 'Please' titles in the list.

How Fish is Made

💸 💾 Another World (1991): 20th Anniversary Edition

💗 💸 Sanguine Sanctum A 'relaxing' trippy exploration game with PS1-styled graphics and so, so much blood

Presentable Liberty Ostensibly a 'horror' game, but that falls short of describing the experience. Has some content which may be distressing.

💸 🎮 💾 Quake Remaster (original maps)

💸 💾 Doom II (the original maps) - It's Doom II! I occasionally play WADs and Mods, but I am not very good and rarely finish a map set

💸 💾 Heretic (1994) (episodes 1-5) - a fantasy FPS made in the Doom Engine.

💗 💸 Signs of the Sojourner A post-apocalyptic deck-building/ narrative game.

Dog of Dracula: Barbecue Densetsu Unconfirmed link, download with care!

Dog of Dracula 2: Cyber Monogatari Timeless shitpost. Visual novel that parodies cyberpunk and otaku culture.

Heartreasure A hidden objects game in the style of 'Where's Waldo?', very cute!

Doomed Love A Doom II - themed dating sim

Super Mario Death Row! Witness Mario's Live Execution! Wowza!

💾 Dune (1992), CD Version - an adventure/strategy game loosely based on the events of the first Dune novel. Not to be confused with Dune II, the RTS.

✨ Abstract Ritual - A trippy StrangeThink game that is no longer available publicly. You can still find it if you look.

Food For Pigs A wholesome pig feeding simulator/horror game.

✨ 💾 Chex Quest 1 & 2 (1996)

💗 💸 Sewer Rave

✨ Chex Quest 3

Vacation Island Animal Crossing meets Cruelty Squad, a short reverse-horror experience.

Voice of the Killer Comedy-horror adventure game with a distinctive style

Hands of the Killer Second of the Games of the Killer series

Drool of the Killer Third of the Games of the Killer series

Eyes of the Killer Fourth of the Games of the Killer series

Flesh of the Killer Fifth of the Games of the Killer series

Blood of the Killer Sixth of the Games of the Killer series

Hog Hunter 2021 HOGG

💗 💸 JEF

RE: Prince of Nigeria

💸 It Comes In Waves

Played on Stream but Not Completed

I don't complete or win every game I play on stream. There are lots of reasons for this - avoiding spoilers, didn't win on stream yet, boredom, hitting a wall etc. Some just don't have a single completion point. Here is a list of games that I played a fair chunk of on stream.


💸 Cupid Nonogram

💸 Khimera: Puzzle Island

💗 💸 A Snake's Tale

🎮 💸 Slay The Spire

💗 💸 A Good Snowman is Hard to Build

💗 💸 Baba is You

💗 💸 Beglitched

💗 💸 Bit Rat Singularity

💾 Moraff's Super Entrap

💸 Braid

💸 Machinarium


Exploration and First-Person Puzzle

💸 Soda Drinker Pro Soda Drinking Simulator with a secret game-within-a-game! It's not available on steam for Australians, but can be bought here at Humble.

💸 Manifold Garden

💸 Superliminal

💸 Antichamber

💗 💸 Cellular Harvest: Purple

💗 💸 Fit for a King

Strawberry Cubes A surreal platformer-style exploration game. Breaking the game is part of the game.

Yume Nikki

💸 An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs

🎮 Paradise Killer

💗 💸 Spookware

THAT NIGHT, STEEPED BY BLOOD RIVER Intense effects warning, trippy game

💸 Broken Reality: A puzzle exploration game set in a retraux vaporwave virtual reality

💸 Return of the Obra Dinn

💗 💸 Fatum Betula

Card, Dice, and Board

💸 Inscryption

💸 Betrayal at Club Low

💸 Monster Train

✨ 💸 Star Realms Limited single player is free, full game and online multiplayer cost money.

💗 💸 The Magus - A Solo TRPG (physical game)

Super Radical Solitaire Super. Radical. Solitaire.

💸 Carcassonne:Tiles & Tactics

💸 Dorfromantik

💸 White Night Dream

💸 Stacklands Card-based village builder by Sockpop Collective

💸 The Banished Vault

FPS and Action

💸 💾 Blood: Fresh Supply

💸 💾 Strife: Veteran Edition

💸 Golden Light

💸 Cruelty Squad

💸 Neon White

💸 Post Void

💸 💾 Deus Ex (2000)

💸 Sexy Sniper - jank asset flip kusoge

💸 Dishonored

💸 Hellblusser First person action roguelike with cartoony graphics.

💸 Vampire Survivors

Strategy and Management

💸 Plants vs Zombies

💗 💸 Kingdom: Two Crowns

💸 FTL: Faster Than Light

💸 Papers, Please

💸 Crying Suns

Platformer, Physics, and Racing

💸 Noita

💸 Beton Brutal

💸 Super Adventure Hand Demo

💗 💸 Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica

💸 Exo One

💸 💾 Hocus Pocus

Crap! No One Loves Me! Coffin bobsledding, controller recommended.

💗 💸 Piku Niku

✨ 💾 Alley Cat (1984)

💸 Katamari Damacy: Reroll

💸 Peglin

✨ Geo-Duck


💸 Nix Umbra

💗 💸 Potato Thriller

Baldi's Basics

Food for Pigs Episode 2

💸 Slay the Princess


💾 Moraff's Dungeon of The Unforgiven

💸 💾 Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress

💸 Sable

💸 💾 Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos

💸 Hylics 2

✨ Moonring

✨ System Goose Overload

💸 Disillusion

💸 Caves of Qud


Story and Visual Novel

💸 LoveChoice

💸 Hatoful Boyfriend

💗 💸 Online Simulator

💸 Hypnospace Outlaw

✨ 💸 A Date With Death The base game is free, I streamed the game with paid DLC.

💗 💸 Monster Pub Cute social sim with monsters and simple card games. DO NOT GOOGLE the game's name unless you want to see adult goods. The game is much more obscure than the adult products company of the same name.

Surreal, Humour, and Art

💸 Ok/Normal

✨ The Debug

💗 💸 Art Sqool


💸 Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

✨ 💾 Rogue (1983)

💗 💸 Celestial Correspondence

💸 Untitled Goose Game

Sponsored/Free Dev Key Streams

From time to time, I stream games that I receive for free. I receive no compensation other than free copies.

💸 Sulfur

💸 Froguelike

💸 Super Buff HD

💸 Cobalt Core

💸 Sable - I streamed the Xbox Game Pass version first, and received a free key on another occasion.

💸 Empty Shell

💸 Goosey Guess

💸 Supplice

💸 Beyond Sunset

💸 Goosey Guess

💸 Pizza Possum

💸 Captain Pawsome

💸 Tamarak Trail Closed Beta

💸 JUSTICE SUCKS: Tactical Vacuum Action

💸 Roombo: First Blood

💸 Voyager